Tuesday, October 4

How Does Sport Affect The Potency

The impact of sport on the potential depends on the sport, the frequency and complexity of activities (professional and amateur sport) and other factors that will be considered further.

Sport as a measure of body health improvement

Engaging in sports has a beneficial effect on human health, making him stronger and more enduring. For example, aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, rope jumping and any kind of active physical activity helps to train the cardiovascular muscle, to saturate the body with oxygen, to improve lung function, to activate all organs. In turn, the potency depends on the general state of health, so to improve it, it is advisable to strive for health improvement of the whole body.

The best influence on the potency has running, swimming, walking, as these sports not only improve health, but also improve blood circulation to the reproductive organs, which directly contributes to sexual function. For these purposes, you can also use special exercises to increase potency.

Sports also increase the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire and sexual function. Testosterone levels are especially good from strength exercises and exercises in the gym.

But there are sports that can harm potency. These include chess, rally, and cycling. Negative effect on the potency has a long sitting position, resulting in poor circulation in the pelvic organs, which affects the potency. Especially dangerous, according to some doctors, the impact of the bike on the potency. On this occasion, there are many contradictory views, in defense of which each side presents its evidence.

Sports as a profession

Professional athletes are well-trained and healthy people who are professionally engaged in some kind of sport. Depending on the skills required, professional athletes train every day, one or two times a day. Before a big competition, the length and/or number of training sessions can increase dramatically. This approach to training provides athletes with the ability to develop their sporting skills but is not healthy. During periods of intense exercise, a male athlete’s potency and sexual desire may decrease significantly. This is because the body spends most of its energy on training and recovery after it. In this case, the recovery of potency requires a break from training and full rest.

Influence of drugs used by athletes on potency

It is not uncommon for professional athletes to use sport doping to improve their performance. This tendency is especially developed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, armwrestling. Taking drugs such as anabolic steroids leads to a decrease in the production of the body’s own sex hormones, which is then reflected in a decrease in potency. With subsequent rejection of steroids testicular function on the production of hormones and potency is restored over time, but in severe cases of abuse of hormonal drugs, the hormonal background in men never comes to normal.

Do not confuse ordinary sports nutrition with heavy hormonal drugs. For example, the same bodybuilders use protein – a powder mixture with high protein content. Protein in high-quality protein of plant origin, so it is deprived of negative effects on the body and potency (see the impact of protein on potency).

Conclusion: Sport is a great way to improve your health and potency, if you observe the correct regime of training, rest and nutrition.