Monday, October 3

How to save male potency: tips for real men

Strong men isn`t supposed to be timid in face of difficulties, to despair after fiasco and to be afraid of something. However, even strongest and most persistent men, who can`t be defeated by pain and broken by treachery, are afraid of losing their male ability.

Impotence for real man is like humiliation and humiliation, loss and disappointment in life, love and yourself. So that this trouble will bypass your cozy home and not make your bedroom forever alone, today we will learn basic prerequisites for loss of man’s dignity and effective ways of natural restoration of potency at any age.

Why does man lose strength?

Experts identify several causes of loss of potency. Consider in detail each of them:

  • Bad habits. And, it would be more correct to say “dependencies”. Nicotine, alcohol and drugs slowly but deliberately destroy body – physically and psychologically, adding to bouquet of diseases. Alcoholism and drug addiction in general overshadow consciousness and deprive of physical strength. Of course, in moderation, alcohol of natural origin (for example, wine, brandy, various tinctures) promotes release of male hormone testosterone and, as a result, increases potency. But, it reduces production of testosterone, female hormone estrogen, which, of course, in male body is found in much smaller quantities, but its concentration is increased by hop fermentation products (beer, ale).
  • Not only beer belly is cause of obesity in men who aren`t at all in need, according to laws of nature, in accumulation of fat, unlike their charming companions, who will have to bear children. Obese men for most part suffer from problems of cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, as well as diabetes, which damages nerve endings, including male dignity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Man with ideal figure wouldn`t be affected by problem of obesity, because he either works physically or regularly engages in sports. But his peer who prefers to travel by car even to nearest shop and works in office, neglecting fitness club and ski resort, firstly, looks much older (due to excess weight and sagging muscles), secondly, outwardly attracts women because it`s no longer able to give them pleasure.
  • Physical abnormalities. According to observations of doctors, in most cases impotence occurs as a result of serious diseases of organs of male reproductive system: prostatitis, prostate adenoma. In addition, erectile dysfunction can be caused by orchitis (inflammation of testicles), Peyronie’s disease (curvature of penis due to compaction of connective tissue and scarring), as well as injuries and congenital anomalies of penis.
  • Psychological and neurological problems. Wives of husbands, who often have to work hard to feed their families often complain about decrease in potency. Routine of endless problems and worries, constant rush from one job to another, increased responsibility, daily stresses and physical exertion really exhaust man who practically doesn`t rest, gives only few hours a day to sleep, there is little in open air, he eats irregularly and in general, doesn`t receive any pleasure from life.

How to increase potency?

All recommendations for restoration of male power directly relate to healthy lifestyle of real man:

  • Balanced diet. Since testosterone is primarily responsible for potency, caring spouse should enrich beloved husband’s diet with products that stimulate production of this male hormone. For example, eggs and lean meats establish hormonal balance, and pollen and perga (beekeeping products) prevent impotence, sterility and treat prostatitis. Mandatory for men and lycopene (vegetable oil), which prevents prostate cancer. Seasoning variety of mouth-watering side dishes is, firstly, onions, which increase potency, and secondly, savory spices: pepper, ginger, cumin, thyme, tarragon, which excite passion.
  • Healthy drinks. It`s advisable to limit drinks containing alcohol. On special occasions natural red wine is acceptable. For male body is very useful kvass based on beets or oats. Among tonic drinks, this man is better to prefer grape juice or green tea with lemon and honey – ideal drink for regular visitors to gym.
  • Physical exercise. To create attractive figure and strengthen muscles, heart, blood vessels, reproductive organs, man should constantly train. You can choose any sport, fitness direction, where there are power loads that wouldn`t allow overweight and, of course, loss of male strength. However, sports exercises that exert pressure between scrotum and anus should be avoided. Male narcissus, who aspire to perfect relief figure, must remember: anabolic steroids, used by bodybuilders, according to research, underestimate production of testosterone and contribute to reduction of testicles.
  • Full sleep. For healthy spirit and healthy body, man should sleep at least 8-9 hours per day – preferably, of course, in arms of his beloved woman.
  • With slightest symptoms of impotence, as well as by age, it`s advisable to take care of your health, including manhood, with help of phytocomplexes, that are completely safe and have natural basis.

Don`t neglect your health and you will be in good sexual form at any age!