Tuesday, October 4

Treatment options for male candidiasis

Male candidiasis, also known as yeast infection in males, is caused by fungus Candida albicans. This fungus can be in the body at normal levels, which do not cause problems, but it can increase and multiply in a process called as candidiasis. Symptoms include itching, irritation and burning on the mucous membranes and skin folds, such as in the groin. The treatment of male candidiasis includes antifungal medications that treat fungal infections and preventive measures such as dietary changes and moisture limitation to prevent uncontrollable growth of yeast infection.


Antifungal medications (prescription and non-prescription) can be used to kill fungal infections. These drugs are produced in the form of medicinal powders, sprays and cream, and they are applied to the affected area. Local ointments and creams help to reduce the symptoms while killing the fungus, but they should be applied according to the instructions on the label or according to the instructions of the Doctor.

Oral medications for the treatment of male candidiasis are often prescribed for use in conjunction with ointments and creams. Although local drugs kill fungal infections that affect the skin, oral medications help to reduce the growth of fungi from within. This complex treatment gives more assurance that the infection will not return again. Oral medications can also be used separately, especially when the infection cannot be cured ointments.

Treatment of male candidiasis includes efforts to prevent the rapid growth of fungus and reduce the chances of developing fungal infection. It is necessary to avoid excessive humidity during the treatment process. Candida mushroom thrives in a warm and humid environment. You need to podsushivat skin well after excessive sweating or showering. Free underwear can facilitate air circulation and prevent excessive humidity.

Dietary changes are also often recommended as a supplement to the treatment of male candidiasis. Changing the diet can also be a preventive measure. There are certain products that contribute not only to the rapid growth of the fungus, but also which can make the treatment ineffective. Barley, wheat and refined sugar can stimulate yeast growth. Foods with live crops, such as yogurts and non-starchyed vegetables, can increase the production of healthy bacteria that neutralize candidiasis.

Although treatment is usually successful, fungal infection can be spread through sexual intercourse. Men usually develop candidiasis after intercourse with a partner who already has a fungal infection. One of the causes of Candida reproduction can be a long antibiotic. Antibiotics kill both healthy and harmful bacteria in the body. At low quantities of healthy bacteria the balance of bacteria and fungi is disturbed, which contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic fungi.